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Breakfast Country Skillet- $11.25

Roasted potato hash browns with scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, diced onions, green pepper, low fat cheddar, scallion, and a side of hot sauce. 

 Protein-36     Calorie- 552     Fat-28    Carbohydrate-42



Chicken Parmesan- $11.50

All natural chicken breast pounded until tender, then dusted with whole wheat flour and pan seared. Served on top of pasta with our housemade tomato basil sauce, fresh grated parmesan, and basil.

Protein-50   Calories- 573   Fat-10   Carbs-69



“SMASH" Burger- $11.50

All natural ground sirloin seasoned with salt and black pepper. then smashed onto a bed of finely chopped Vidalia onion. Topped with low fat cheddar cheese and a roasted garlic aioli. Served with roasted sweet potato fries.

Protein-52    Calories-516    Fat-16   Carbs-32



Koren Braised Beef- $12.25

All natural Beef cooked low and slow in gochujang, beef stock, sesame oil, garlic, and ginger. Served on jasmine rice with marinated carrot, edamame, 64 degree sous vide poached egg, and topped with our korean glaze and toasted sesame seeds

Protein-56   Calories-630   Fat-18   Carbohydrates-56

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