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May 10th Delivery

All orders must be in by fridays at midnight for Monday Delivery

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Turkey Bacon and Leek Quiche 

Individual Quiche made with eggs whites, turkey bacon,mozzarella, and sautéed leaks. Served with hash browns and a tomato Hollandaise sauce

Reg Portion: Pro-29, Cal- 320 Fat-9, Carbs-29

Large Portion: Pro-44, Cal- 480, Fat-13, Carbs-44


Chicken Fajita Bowl  

All natural chicken marinated in fajita marinade then grilled and sliced. Served over jasmine rice with fire roasted peppers and onions, and a side of our jalapeño roasted salsa

Reg Portion: Pro-32, Cal- 341, Fat-6, Carbs-45

Large Portion: Pro-48, Cal- 512, Fat-11, Carbs-60


Chicken and Shrimp Paella 

All natural chicken and shrimp that are fire roasted then cooked in a Spanish rice mixture with saffron, peas, tomato, and Spanish chorizo. This dish is topped with green olive, Italian parsley, and fresh lemon

Reg Portion: Pro-30, Cal- 351, Fat-10, Carbs-35

Large Portion: Pro-45, Cal- 526, Fat-15, Carbs-53


Lemon Herb Roasted Turkey Breast

All natural turkey breast marinated in lemon and fresh herbs then roasted and sliced. Served with a sweet potato and pistachio casserole and fresh green beans

Reg Portion: Pro-37 Cal- 288, Fat-4, Carbs-24

Large Portion: Pro-56, Cal-432, Fat-6, Carbs-36


French Onion Burger

All natural ground sirloin seasoned then grilled. Topped with swiss cheese, caramelized onion, and fresh thyme. Served with sweet potato fries and ketchup.

Reg Portion: Pro-35, Cal- 373, Fat-11, Carbs-22

Large Portion: Pro-52, Cal- 560, Fat-16, Carbs-33


Blackened  Chicken Bowl

All natural chicken breast rubbed with our blackened seasoning then seared. Served on steamed cajun brown rice with diced sweet potato and kale. Topped with an avocado-lime cream sauce.

Reg Portion: Pro-31 Cal-320 , Fat-7, Carbs-33

Large Portion: Pro-47, Cal- 480, Fat-11, Carbs-50


Barbacoa Beef

All natural lean beef slow cooked in our barbacoa spice blend then shredded. Served on jasmine rice with roasted corn, diced tomato, fresno chilis, cilantro, and cotija cheese

Reg Portion: Pro-37, Cal- 340, Fat-8 Carbs-31

Large Portion: Pro-56, Cal- 510, Fat-12, Carbs-46