Menu For Monday

Oct 25th Delivery

All orders must be in by fridays at midnight for Monday Delivery

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Breakfast Skillet  

Roasted potato hashbrowns with scrambled egg whites, turkey breakfast sausage, onion, green pepper, low fat cheddar, and scallion.

Reg Portion: Pro-24, Cal- 368 Fat-18, Carbs-27

Large Portion: Pro-36, Cal- 552, Fat-27, Carbs-42


Red Curry Chicken

All Natural Chicken marinated in red curry, coconut milk, garlic, and scallion then grilled. Served over basmati rice with fresh vegetables and our red curry sauce

Reg Portion: Pro-32 Cal- 357, Fat-9, Carbs-35

Large Portion: Pro-48, Cal-536, Fat-14, Carbs-53


BBQ Grilled Chicken

All natural chicken breast dusted with our dry rub then grilled and sliced. Served with a fall spiced sweet potato mash and fresh broccoli.

Reg Portion: Pro-32 Cal- 274, Fat-3, Carbs-32

Large Portion: Pro-48, Cal-412, Fat-5, Carbs-48


Turkey Chili

93/7 Ground Turkey slow cooked with diced onions, chipotles, and our dried chili spice blend. Served over jasmine rice with low fat cheddar, sour cream, and diced tomatoes

Reg Portion: Pro-35 Cal- 354, Fat-11, Carbs-31

Large Portion: Pro-53, Cal-531, Fat-16, Carbs-46


SouthWest  Burger

All natural ground sirloin seasoned then grilled. Topped with mozzarella cheese, charred poblano peppers, and roasted red pepper aioli. Served with roasted sweet potato fries and ketchup.

Reg Portion: Pro-36, Cal- 342, Fat-13, Carbs-20

Large Portion: Pro-54, Cal- 513, Fat-19, Carbs-30


Lemon Pesto Chicken

All natural chicken breast marinated in our lemon pesto then grilled and sliced. Served on a quinoa pilaf with fresh green beans.

Reg Portion: Pro-32, Cal- 261, Fat-2 Carbs-22

Large Portion: Pro-48, Cal- 391, Fat-3, Carbs-33


Red Wine Braised Pot Roast

Angus chuck roast traditionally braised in our mirepoix, red wine, and beef stock. Served with garlic mashed red potato, and sautéed green beans  

Reg Portion: Pro-38, Cal- 395, Fat-8, Carbs-30

Large Portion: Pro-57, Cal-592, Fat-12, Carbs-45